Halloween Extravaganza at Bucket List Boutique

All day long on Sunday, October 28th, the Bucket List Boutique will be hosting a Halloween Extravaganza. Between 9am and 5pm families can purchase decorations while sporting their own Halloween costumes. Once you’ve bought the decorations receive free tips on decorating for the holidays. Watch make-up demonstrations, while munching on cookies washed down with sips of hot cider. There’s a spooky garden created for whoever is willing to venture through. Celebrate Halloween the boutique way this year and find fun and crafts for everyone:

• Decorating tips
• Makeup demonstration
• Cookies & Hot cider
• Kids’ gifts
• Spooky garden
• Decorations for sale

halloween extravaganza

Bucket List Boutique

114 S. Royal Street

Alexandria, VA 22314

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